Tue, 15 Aug 2000

Fish to curb water pollution

BANDUNG: In a bid to negate the level of pollution of the Cirata, Saguling and Jatiluhur dams in West Java, a special species of fish will be released into the waters of the three large dams.

Muhammad Husen, the head of the water exploitation office at the fishery office in Bandung said here on Monday that the Hypophthalmichtys prolitrix fish (silver carp or Chinese carp) would function as a biocleaning agent in the dams' waters.

"The fish have pharynx teeth which can screen plankton, which in the end could reduce the water pollution," he said.

Earlier reports said that fish cultivation businesses in the dam compound had caused the pollution. The fish food reportedly contained potential pollutants, including nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous.

The level of water pollution is indicated by the level of acidity. (25/sur)