Thu, 11 Aug 1994

Fish is not 2nd-class meal: City officer

JAKARTA (JP): Deputy Governor for Social Welfare H. Museno said yesterday that many people in the city still consider fish a second-class meal.

"However according to nutrition experts, a healthy person requires a daily intake of 15 grams of natural protein," Museno explained.

He revealed that the recommended intake has not been met by many since people still believe that eating fish causes skin and worm diseases.

Speaking at the opening of a city cooking contest, Museno called on all the agencies under the municipal administration to campaign for greater fish consumption as recommended by nutritionists.

He set a target of half an ounce of fish per person daily, The equivalent of 18 kilograms a year, for the city's population by the Sixth Development Plan (Repelita VI), which began this April.

Museno advised education on this matter be started from the kindergarten level right on up, adding that the role of housewives is extremely important in conveying the message.

The 18th annual city cooking contest is being participated in by representatives from the city's five mayoralties along with a Thai national. (mds)