Tue, 19 Aug 2003

Fish bombers ruining fishing areas

KENDARI, Southeast Sulawesi: Fishermen in North Buton coast in Muna regency have called on the provincial government to take action against fish bombers which has been rapidly depleting the fish supply.

La Dunima, one of the fishermen, said the bombings were allegedly committed by fishermen from nearby Kendari, whose modern equipment and boats enabled them to escape from the law enforcers.

The bombs, which contain ammoninum nitrate and potassium cyanide, have destroyed coral reefs and mangroves, Dunima said.

He said he and his fellow fishermen in North Buton could only earn some Rp 75,000 per day only, significantly down from Rp 200,000 per day before the arrival of the fish bombers. -- Antara.