Mon, 03 Oct 1994

Fire victims face eviction

The Central Jakarta Mayoralty gave Saturday a final option to 80 families living on the old fire site in Bendungan Hilir subdistrict to take the compensation offered by the government or face demolition.

A joint team, including police officials and military personnel, is scheduled to pull down semi-permanent buildings rebuilt on the location by the fire victims.

"Those who want to accept the compensation still have time until Sunday," an official said.

The land clearance committee has offered the fire victims compensation of Rp 235,000 (US$107) per square meter of land, far below the Rp 1 million level asked by the land owners.

The city administration plans to build seven apartment buildings at the site which was razed by fire recently.

Suara Pembaruan quoted a member of the team as saying on Saturday that the decision to demolish the buildings was taken after a meeting between the area residents and the mayoralty administration officials. (bsr)