Sat, 08 Oct 1994

Fire victims can rebuild houses

Victims of Wednesday's fire that burned down 24 kiosks and five residential houses at Kramatjati, East Jakarta, have been allowed to rebuild, provided that all keeps in line with the rules, East Jakarta Mayor Sudarsono says.

"They (the fire victims) have suffered much because of the fire and we don't want to make life even more difficult for them. Therefore I have announced that they can rebuild their kiosks and houses," Sudarsono said as quoted by Pos Kota.

The mayor also urged the fire victims not to link the fire with the city administration's plan to widen Jl Raya Bogor from the current 17 meters to 34 meters.

"The plan has nothing whatsoever to do with the fire," Sudarsono said.

He added, however, that the fire victims should think it over before deciding to rebuild their kiosks and houses as the widening of the highway might affect their buildings.(bas)