Mon, 07 Feb 2000

Fino wins Formula Ford Euro Asia Division One

JAKARTA (JP): Local young hope Fino Saksono showed he could outwit more experienced foreign drivers by winning the Formula Ford Euro Asia Division One race at Sentul circuit, near Bogor, on Sunday.

Fino, from Primajasa Motorsport and driving the Van Diemen '97 car, finished 15 of the 18 laps with a time of 25 minutes and 08.046 seconds.

Fino had to race against four foreign racers from the Netherlands: Roel Mulder, Floris Jan Hekker, Ed de Groot and Marijn van Kamhout.

"It was a tough race, especially facing the Dutch racers who have more experience than me. Actually I was not in top form and I was surprised I could beat the Dutchmen," said Fino, 17.

Mulder from Mulder Racing was in second place clocking 25:37.541; Hekker (Old Time Racing) took third with 25:48.741.

De Grot, of Smit Racing and who was expected to win the race, had to be satisfied with fourth place and a time of 26:33.948.

His teammate Van Klamhout (Swift '97) only managed to race seven laps and slipped to fifth place with 13:42.216.

"I consider this a very interesting race. Fino showed that he could beat me and he proved it. We have to be careful of our tires because of the wet race," De Grot said.

Fino's victory unfortunately was not followed by his teammates Arya Setyaki (Viradi Indonesia) and Satrio Hermanto (Smit Racing). Both Arya and Satrio could not finish the race because of engine trouble.

Arya only managed to clock 22:08.515 and Satrio, 5:00.326.

In the Top Division of the race, Jullen Schell (Pegasus Racing) of France won first place with 24:58.223. Mark Nachtegeller (Tona Racing), Alain Bijl (Smit Racing) and Michel Florie (Kalmthout Racing), all from the Netherlands, took second, third and fourth places.

Nachtegeller clocked 25:12.760; Bijl, 25:47.347 and Florie, 13:35.371 (seven laps).

Formula Ford Euro Asia was scheduled to be opened by Vice President Megawati Soekarnoputri, but due to her tight schedule it was opened by State Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Mahadi Sinambela.

A similar race will be held on Feb. 13 at the Sentul circuit.

Sunday's races were followed by Timor Touring Cars and motorcycle Sport Tune 150cc and Sport Standard 150cc races. (lnt)