Mon, 11 Jun 2001

Festival highlights city's anniversary

JAKARTA (JP): More festivities for the city's anniversary continue on Monday, including the Pasar Baru Festival that is held around the area of Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta.

Pasar Baru (New Market) is known as a melting pot for Chinese and Indian Jakartans, and also Betawi (native Jakartans) people.

The festival will feature decorated boats and canoeing competitions in the nearby Ciliwung River.

Visitors can also enjoy various shop decorations, whether they are Chinese, Indian or Betawi. Traditional arts performances from each ethnic group will also be featured.

Following the Pasar Baru Festival, there will be a series of activities to celebrate the city's 474th anniversary that falls on June 22, throughout the week.

On Thursday, a discount promotion will be opened at virtually every shopping center.

Starting on Friday, the anniversary celebrations will be highlighted by the annual one-month Jakarta Fair, located at the former Kemayoran airport in Central Jakarta. The fair will feature art and cultural performances, as well as serving as a trade and promotion fair. (hdn)