Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Feminism (1)

Kudos to Ms. Melody Kemp and Mr. Gentry for their recent cogent thoughts regarding modern feminism. Ms. Kemp takes John Thomas to task for his feudalistic views of the current world and Mr. Gentry correctly comments on the darker side (backlash?) of feminism today much better than I could hope to do in either case.

The reason for this letter is to question the identity of Mr. Thomas. Ms. Kemp is quite correct when she says that the name "John Thomas" is one of the many slang expressions for male genitals, specifically that part which was "Bobbitized" in America last year. Our Mr. Thomas has written other mean spirited letters in the same vein as his latest attack on common sense and I couldn't help but be reminded of another writer to this dignified column whom we haven't heard from in some time.