Thu, 02 Oct 2003

FBI replaces PABBSI's affiliation in ABBF, IBBF

Musthofid, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

The Indonesian Bodybuilding Federation (FBI), which was established in June to rival the long-standing the Indonesian Weight Lifting, Power Lifting and Bodybuilding Association (PABBSI), has become the official Indonesian representative member of the Asian Bodybuilding Federation (ABBF), said a top official at FBI.

"At the recent congress in Kazakhstan, the ABBF officially endorsed our membership to replace PABBSI," FBI secretary-general Steve Tengko told The Jakarta Post.

The Asian federation and the International Bodybuilding Federation (IBBF) both revoked PABBSI's membership after the Indonesian federation was found to support Musclemania contests, which the two federations do not endorse.

Steve said PABBSI had received its membership revocation letter on Sept. 8, but this was denied by PABBSI chairman Darma Surya during a meeting with the Indonesian Sports Council (KONI).

PABBSI had also defied the federations' call to allow the bodybuilding division to be managed by a separate body to meet the international rule.

"All participating delegations from 24 countries unanimously agreed to FBI's membership," said Steve, who was among the six- strong Indonesian delegation.

The ABBF Congress was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from Sept. 24 to 29. PABBSI was also given opportunity to make its defense at the congress, but it apparently did not respond to the invitation.

Tengko said they would meet with KONI on Thursday to discuss the fate of Indonesian bodybuilding hopefuls currently preparing for the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games this December in Vietnam.

"Because it is stated in the rule, only athletes of an organization sanctioned by an international body are allowed to compete in the games," he said.