Sun, 08 Apr 2001

Fans reveal why they are so mad about their idols

JAKARTA (JP): What fans have to say about their idols and what they feel about them.

Tania Pramono (not her real name) a student of a private university in Jakarta.

I'm a die-hard Westlife fan because, if I ever had the chance, I'd give each member of my favorite Irish boyband a big hug and a kiss.

I sent them letter and some of my private belongings: a handkerchief for each boy, and an item of underwear just for Kian Egan.

I don't think it's a form of harassment because they weren't just any letters or handkerchiefs. They were creative works of art and were beautifully decorated. I believe that it's a sincere and more meaningful way to show my deepest admiration. As for the underwear, I just wanted Kian to have an extra personal thing of mine, besides my heart. It's sweet, don't you think?.

Anna Ruti, a staffer at a construction company in Jakarta.

I'm madly in love with local pop singer Fariz R.M and action star Ari Wibowo. I've felt this way ever since I was at high school. Ari was a model then, and he's an actor now.

I know all Fariz's hit songs and go to his performances or just follow news about him.

I once went hysterical at one of Fariz's concerts. I cried and fainted. I can't understand why I reacted that way. I guess I was overcome with extreme joy, curiosity and admiration. I know all the lyrics of his hit songs, like Barcelona, Sakura and Nada Kasih. These songs are my favorites.

In my wildest dream I go to Fariz's or Ari's house, kiss them and propose to Ari because he's unmarried. I did once go to Fariz's house and told him how much I adored him. I also sent them both letters and flowers.

Ravaela Raninda, a student at Pandu Junior High School in Bandung.

I'm a big fan of pop boybands Five and Westlife. They sing well and I like their songs. Nicky from Westlife is my favorite. He is so cute and I browse through magazines to collect his pictures or posters.

My friends and I share the latest news about them. It's fun but I'm not like my friends Dian and Putri, they both love Mark and they get angry when other girls said they, too, love Mark.

There are times when I'm so crazy about them and at another times I loath them. I collected all their albums on cassette, but I gave them to friends. Now I have five new cassettes and CDs.

I don't like sending letters. It would feel like an eternity waiting for a reply, but I wish that someday there would be a sort of Westlife fan gathering so I could give Nicky a gift, such as CDs of his favorite singers.

Maria Aussie, a high school student in Jakarta.

I'd do anything to see my handsome idol Katon Bagaskara in concert.

I sent him flowers once. I have all his albums. I went to a recent performance of his at the Barbados cafe in Kemang.

I have mixed feelings of happiness, respect and shyness every time I see him. It's so powerful and it makes me just sit and listen during his performances. I don't know why.

I would never do crazy things to him like his other fans would. I guess that's because I admire his wife Ira Wibowo, too. I read his website.

Carlos Nolan, a student at private Jayabaya University, Jakarta.

I'm a fan of alternative band Green Day. They are my source of inspiration. I have all their albums and I've been learning to play some of their songs so that I can play them with my gang. I'm an amateur guitarist.

Their onstage style is also inspiring, we imitate their style too. I think my friends and I would be ready to entertain our fellow students.

Green Days' lively beat is very energizing. I'd like to play their songs to entertain them with their own work, and it would be great if they gave me one of their guitars, signed, as a memento.

I could never afford to buy a ticket to one of their concerts, although I'd be very happy if they performed in Jakarta some day.

Lalla, a student at a private university in Jakarta.

I love Boyzone, Westlife, The Corrs and the Spice Girls. I have pictures and posters of them but I'm not one of those fanatical fans who go crazy and get hysterical at a live concert. Well maybe I would if I had the money to buy a ticket to a concert and meet them in person.

Instead I sit on my comfortable sofa at home, with snacks and a glass of cold soft drink handy, and watch them in concert on TV.

If I had a chance to meet them in person, I'd give chocolates to the girls and cover the boys with kisses.

I must admit that sometimes I desperately want to write them letters just to tell them that they're great singers. I guess I don't like attitudes. That kind of fanaticism is weird.

William Dhanisworo, a first grade student at SMPK Penabur Junior High School in Cirebon, West Java.

My father took me to the Sheila on 7 show here recently. We were lucky in that we left when the chaos broke out.

It was good to see their show after watching them only on TV and listening to their songs on the radio.

I learned of Sheila on 7 from my friends at school and from seeing them on TV. I like the band because their music is moderate, neither too hard nor too soft.

So far, I only have one of their albums. I have other albums of other music groups like the Backstreet Boys, Dewa, N'Sync, a1, M2M and Westlife.

Beniawati, a housewife in Cirebon.

It seems that everybody in my neighborhood loves Westlife. When I am on my way to the market in the morning I can hear Westlife blaring from every household.

The Westlife fad has also reached small towns like Sindanglaut, a sugarcane plantation area about 20 kilometers east of Cirebon. Even my sister-in-law buys Westlife cassettes and CDs for her daughters, who are still in kindergarten and elementary school. (lup/ind)