Wed, 03 Sep 2003

Experience with Cathay Pacific

I traveled by Cathay Pacific CX714 Jakarta to Singapore on July 8. For my return flight I had confirmed a seat on CX711 on July 13 and was wait-listed on July 14.

Because of my work obligations I could not take the July 13 flight and decided to fly on July 14. Accordingly, I contacted the Cathay Pacific city office in Singapore and it was suggested that I was on "standby" and should arrive at the airport at least three hours before the flight's departure.

I arrived three hours before the flight and after waiting -- just 20 minutes before the departure -- at least 15 names were called, but I was neglected.

I was totally surprised because I was clearly informed by Cathay Pacific that I was within the first few wait-listed passengers and I was almost guaranteed the seat if I arrived on time.

I did everything which Cathay Pacific asked me to, but alas a member of the Cathay Pacific ground staff -- Daniel Yap -- seemed to have his own agenda and completely ignored my genuine and urgent needs.

Since my need was indeed urgent, I rushed to the Garuda Airways counter -- which had a flight with the same departure time -- and purchased a new ticket. Fortunately one seat was left but in business class and for the price of S$370. I was left with no choice -- as I had to rush back to Jakarta -- so I bought the ticket.

I would expect the following from Cathay Pacific: First, Cathay Pacific should refund the money I paid for the Garuda ticket -- S$370. Second, they must take appropriate measure against negligent staff.

I request that Cathay Pacific seriously note this matter and address my claim as soon as possible. I certainly hope to continue an association with Cathay Pacific.