Fri, 16 Jun 2000

Expat racism

I am an Indonesian woman married to a European. I've lived in Europe for five years and in Australia for 15 years. With a high level of education, from a good family and as an ex-stewardess, I speak and write a few languages.

Since I used to live in Australia, I have adopted the way and style the Australians dress -- casual and comfortable. I don't put make up on my young-looking face. To me it is the quality that counts.

Living in a bule (white people) enclave in South Jakarta I have been discriminated against and insulted by some stupid, arrogant, racist bule. We were shocked and disappointed by this treatment. In Australia, I had never experienced such treatment. I wish Indonesia had an antidiscrimination board.

These people should realize their behavior is out of order and they are only guests in this country. Why don't you behave yourselves? Don't ever think you are better than us. Otherwise you should go back to your country.