Sun, 03 Aug 2003

Exhibition brings science down to earth

Most of the fundamental ideas of science are simple and may, as a rule, be expressed in a language comprehensible to all.

This was the message when Texmaco DPS International School in Karawang conducted a Science Exhibition last weekend. A thematic representation of amazing facts of science -- experiments based on laws of physics, electronics, innovative power point presentations, a focus on pollution hazards -- all educated and amazed the audience.

The visitors were met on arrival by a web-cam which printed out welcome cards with their pictures, and as they proceeded they found themselves going deep into the amazing world of science. It started from simple experiments based on the Archimedes principle, laws of reflection, magnetism, electronic-based circuits, pinhole cameras and so on.

"Sound of Music" was an innovative depiction of the profound connection between the science and music, and the children deftly handled the musical instruments. Who is not impressed when the tiny-tots come out in colorful animal costumes? The baby zoo amused one and all with a forest-like ambience where the kids "lived" in each and every animal!

Pollution, the major threat which all the rivers all over the world are facing today, was presented through dance, where the problems of India's sacred river of the Ganges were expressed in a heartrending way.

There was an overwhelming response from the parents and other visitors who appreciated the efforts of the students, their zeal and love for the knowledge -- budding scientists indeed. Teachers from other international schools were also present.

Judges moving among the audience keenly observed the working models and rated the best projects. At the end of the day, the level of involvement and enthusiasm in the children was high.

-- L. Sailaja Kumar