Sat, 12 Feb 2000

Exhibition at Textile museum

JAKARTA (JP): The Textile Museum on Jl. Aipda K.S. Tubun in Central Jakarta will organize an exhibition on natural textile fibers and dyes from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18, an official said on Wednesday.

"The exhibition will be held in cooperation with the Korean Fiber Arts Association. Governor Sutiyoso is slated to open the exhibition on the evening of Feb. 14," museum director Dewi Rudiati said in a written statement.

"The exhibition, entitled Reviving the Natural Colors is intended to motivate textile craftsmen, producers and the government on the use of natural dyes. It will display the whole process of natural textile fiber production," she added.

The collections displayed will include those of students from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ), local designers and also the Korean Fiber Arts Association.

"We will also hold a seminar on Feb. 15, titled In Search of a New Aesthetic of Textile Through Natural Dyes, presenting Yusuf Affendi from ITB and Kim Je-Hee of South Korea," she said, while adding that there would be a workshop on batik processing using natural dyes.

"The workshop is scheduled for Feb. 16 and will take place in the Balai Batik, Yogyakarta," she said.

She added the museum would also hold a field trip to a famous batik production center in Cirebon, West Java, and in Pekalongan, Central Java on Feb. 17.

The museum will be closed to the public from Feb. 6 to Feb. 14. and open again on Feb. 15.

Dewi said the exhibition was the second event jointly organized with the Korean Fiber Arts Association.

"Last May, we and the Korean Fiber Arts Association held an international exhibition on textile design and natural dye," she said.

"We have also cooperated with other textile museums abroad. We cooperated with the museum of the State of Sabah, Malaysia, in 1989 and established a sister museum with one in the city of Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 1996," she added. (05)