Tue, 15 Aug 2000

Excuse me, may we interrupt?

JAKARTA (JP): Anyone speaking in support of President Abdurrahman Wahid must be prepared to face a three-pronged attack.

Ade Komaruddin from the Golkar Party faction, Zulvan Lindan of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle faction and Alvin Lie of the Reform faction have formed a "personal coalition" to attack anyone speaking out in favor of the President during proceedings in the Assembly's Commission C, charged with deliberating and issuing draft decrees evaluating the presidential and state institutions' progress reports.

Ade said the three would take turns launching formal interruptions to whoever was chairing the meeting.

"Like yesterday, when a member from PDI Perjuangan made a statement supporting Abdurrahman, we took turns making interruptions," Ade told journalists with a laugh.

The three members also were the initiators of the interpellation motion in the House of Representatives. (dja)