Sat, 26 Feb 2000

Eros's move to lead PDI-P rebuked

JAKARTA (JP): Chairman of the Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan) Roy B. Janis lashed out on Friday at Eros Jarot's move to run against incumbent Megawati Soekarnoputri for the party's top post.

He even accused him of not being a registered party member.

Janis' stinging comments further grind the ax between competing cliques within the party, with die-hard Megawati supporters lining up against those who contend that she should relinquish her executive role in the party now that she is vice president.

Speaking in Denpasar, Bali, he questioned Eros' credentials, challenging him to prove that he really did have support from party branches to be nominated as a candidate at the party's congress in Semarang, Central Java, next month.

"Don't only talk ... He should show that he has won support from the party's provincial chapters and regional branches," Antara quoted him as saying.

Eros recently reiterated he was serious in his plan to contest for the leadership.

He said the party should be reformed to solve the numerous internal feuds among its functionaries.

PDI Perjuangan deputy chairman Dimyati Hartono and deputy secretary-general Haryanto Taslam are others who may join the race.

Megawati herself has not raised any objection to there being other challengers and all the signs indicate she would easily be re-elected. However, many of her supporters seem to take exception that there are those who even dare to run against her.

Janis even charged that Eros was not a party member on Friday, a basic requirement for the party's top post.

"As chairman of PDI Perjuangan's chapter in Jakarta, I know he is not registered as a party member. He was a PDI member when Soerjadi was chairing the party but not a PDI Perjuangan member," he said.

On Thursday, Dimyati renewed calls for Megawati not to lead the party again so she can concentrate on her many tasks as vice president.

His comments again sparked an uproar.

Paul Widayawan, PDI Perjuangan faction secretary at the House of Representatives, said numerous party legislators had urged the party's central board to dismiss Dimyati from his position as the party's faction chairman at the House.

Paul urged that Dimyati's role of legislator be stripped from him.

"The party's central board is expected to make a decision on Dimyati's fate in a few days," he claimed.(rms)