Sat, 26 Apr 2003

Eros changes his party's name

JAKARTA: Eros Djarot announced on Friday a new name for his Bung Karno Nationalist Party (PNBK) during the party's two-day leadership meeting here.

The party has been renamed the Banteng Kemerdekaan Nationalist Party, allowing the party to maintain its original acronym.

The change was recommended because the party's symbol was identical to another party's and it was named after a person, which is in violation of the political party law.

To refute public doubt about the party's eligibility to contest the 2004 elections, party chairman Eros said the leadership meeting was attended by representatives of 26 provincial chapters.

He added that his party was ready to contest the elections, and set a target of winning at least 5 percent of the vote.

The party is one of a few splinter groups of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle. -- JP