Fri, 08 Dec 2000

Ericsson's free gift

In early September 2000 I bought a copy of Ronan Keating's latest album, produced by PT Polygram Indonesia, and to my surprise I found an enclosed coupon from Ericsson, offering a free gift of their latest product, R310.

All I needed to do was simply fill out my name, full address, contact number, the color of the mobile unit I wanted on the coupon and mail it. I did so immediately. At first I did not really expect much since I thought it was another lucky draw (though it did not say so on the coupon).

I was surprised, thrilled, and convinced that they were serious about the free gift when they called me directly (one month after the coupon was sent). They informed me that they had received my coupon and were going to pack and mail the unit the following day so that I would receive it within several days (although they said they would give an alternative color since the one I wanted had run out).

After almost two months of waiting, I began to doubt the promise since I never received or heard anything from them and I do not know what happened. I have no idea who to contact, whether Polygram or Ericsson, because they did not give any clear contact address (just a PO Box in Jakarta).

I regret this uncertainty. Anyway, it is a free gift and I am not complaining much about the mobile unit. My concern is whether they are serious about this promotional program. This is a question of the company's credibility in their promotion drive involving their potential customers.


Kuta, Bali