Tue, 24 Aug 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The Energy and Mineral Department has unveiled today a new directorate which will in charge on the new field of energy which had not received the size of emphasize before, the renewables.

In its official website the energy department introduces the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Directorate General, a level which the oil and gas have long has its own directorate established.

The new directorate will responsible to draw and implement the policies and technical standardization in renewable energy and energy conservation to achieve the target of 17 percent renewable energy portion of the total domestic energy use by 2025.

Depleting oil reserve have forced the nation out the OPEC, a group it joined in 1962, and rely some of its energy consumption back on coal. Based on the 2007 data on Renewable Energy Reserve and Production from the department, the government have only produced 3.6 percent (5,200 megawatt) of energy from a total of 162,000 megawatt of potential energy with the largest portion came from hydropower (17.2 percent) and the smallest part from windpower (0.01 percent).