Mon, 24 Jan 2000

Endangered rhinos, tigers dwindling

BANDARLAMPUNG, Lampung: Two endangered species, the Sumatran rhinoceros (dicerorhinuss Sumatrensis) and Sumatran tiger (panthera tigris Sumatrensis), in sanctuary at South Bukit Barisan National Park, have rarely been seen over the last four years, researchers reported.

Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesian Program, Margaret F. Kinnaird and Hariyo T. Wibisono, and an expert of the Rhino Protection Unit, Arief Rubianto, said in their report on Saturday that the national park was prone to illegal hunting and deforestation.

Illegal hunters, including some alleged military personnel, also hunted elephants, deers and boars, Arief said.

The park was established on 356,800 acres of land.

Arief said he spotted some young rhinoceroses some time ago, speculating that the animals may have been bred without human assistance. (04)