Thu, 25 Aug 1994

Elvis Presley sighted in Shangri La hotel!

JAKARTA (JP): Elvis Presley fans in the city will have an opportunity to see the king of rock'n'roll sing again next month by way of Max Pellicano, an impersonator of the late, great superstar .

Presented by PT Landas Advantage in cooperation with Sarma foundation and Tanindra organization, Pellicano will present around 30 of Elvis' hits at Shangri La hotel in Central Jakarta on Sept. 20 and 21.

The show, to be performed in Las Vegas cabaret style by Pellicano, 11 international musicians and five back-up singers chaired by musical director Argentino Russo, will also take place in Medan, North Sumatra on Sept. 23.

"We invited Max Pellicano to sing here because he is the only Elvis impersonator out of nearly 6,000 who is acknowledged by the Elvis Museum in Elvis's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee," said Derek Olson of PT Landas Advantage. He added that the naturalized American, who hails from Italy, is also a professional actor and entertainer with a background in the dramatic arts.

Olson explained that, with the performer's knowledge of acting, Pellicano is able to not only capture the look and the sound of Elvis Presley but also his mannerisms.

Pellicano, who admitted that he enjoys imitating Elvis, said that during the performance he will feature Elvis' three stages as an entertainer: the early years, Elvis' mid-career and his later days.

"My costumes for the show are made by the same tailor who made Elvis' costumes, using the same designs as the original -- for example, a gold suit for his early days, a leather suit for mid- career and the famous eagle suit for his later days," Pellicano, wearing the 'eagle suit,' told a press conference here yesterday. (als)