Sun, 21 Nov 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s imports of electronic goods in the January - October 2010 period sharply increased to US$3.2 billion compared with that in the same period in 2009 which stood at US$1.8 billion, a deputy minister said.

Deputy Minister of Trade Mahendra Siregar said here on Friday that the good economic growth and increase in per capita income of the people had impact on the increasing demand for electronic goods.

"This month, we will enter a period where the per capita income of the people will reach US$3,000. With a per capita income of that level, demand for electronic goods would increase," he said.

He said that producers of electronics industry at home should not worry about the increase in imports of that commodity because consumers at home no longer chose cheap goods but good quality ones with low prices.

"The Indonesian people have now at the level of having TV sets and fridges which are not only cheap but also of good quality," he said.

He said that domestic electronic goods producers only needed to produce innovative and high quality goods with low prices so that they would be able to compete with imported ones.

"So, they key is to give priority to quality, innovation and after sale services," the deputy minister said.