Sat, 25 Sep 2010

Sukadana, Lampung (ANTARA News) - East Lampung district, Lampung province, needs investors to develop its seaweed cultivation potentials as the business was now mostly run by locals with small capital who were unable to meet market demand, a local investment official said.

Mulyanda, head of East Lampung`s investment office, said here Friday most seaweed cultivation operations in East Lampung`s coastal areas were small scale and run by local people.

Their cultivation methods were still traditional and supported by limited capital, Mulyanda said.

He said if the seaweed was cultivated with modern methods and supported by sufficient capital, the district`s seaweed production could increase significantly.

"Market demand for seaweed from East Lampung is quite high but the local farmers are unable to meet it. The market demand can only be met if investors set up bigger-scale seaweed cultivation operations," Mulyanda said.

He said demand for seaweed in and outside East Lampoung district was recorded at 1,092 tonnes per year while maximum production was only 600 tonnes per year.

Seaweed cultivation ventures could be set up either independently or in partnership with local farmers.

"If there are investors interested we will offer them two patterns, independent pattern or in partnership," Mulyanda said.

The biggest seaweed production center in East Lampung district is in Labuhanmaringgai sub district with 47.5 tonnes from 30 hectares of cultivation areas or 1.58 tonnes per hectare.