Wed, 24 Jul 1996

E. Jakarta focuses on squatters

JAKARTA (JP): The East Jakarta Mayoralty concluded its two-day annual development coordination meeting yesterday, allocating Rp 278 billion (US$ 118.5 million) for the 1997/1998 development program.

As much as Rp 85.3 billion, or 30 percent of the total amount, will be used to fund public service development and resettlement of squatters who are to be evicted from unauthorized plots.

The mayoralty allocated only 0.2 percent of the budget (Rp 61 million ) to legal education for its staff.

A statement issued by the mayoralty information office said that such meetings are held annually to implement the bottom-up development system which is to be matched by the top-down planning.

However, the statement did not mention any flood control projects, an issue which is considered very important in the area.

The Cipinang and Sunter rivers usually overflow into many low- lying areas in East Jakarta during the rainy season. (kod)