Thu, 09 Nov 2000

Dyatmika School to hold fund-raiser

DENPASAR, Bali: Dyatmika School in Denpasar is to hold a special show to raise fund for supporting its education activities and other school in its neighborhood.

The school was established in l996 by a small group of parents. The Dyatmika School, a non-profit venture, opened with 23 students, and the school now serves 147 students in grades one through eight.

The guiding principles of the Dyatmika School comprise what the founders believe to be the basic pillars of a prosperous and responsible society: moral integrity, religious and social tolerance, intellectual capacity, broad knowledge, cultural preservation and sensible management of the natural and human environment. These principles, directly and indirectly, are fundamental to the educational vision of Dyatmika.

The founder's vision to support traditional and innovative Indonesian arts and culture has been reflected in the programs organized by parents and friends for the school's annual gala fundraisers.

For gala 2000, the school will be presenting Warisan Tempo Doeloe, an entertainment-filled evening at the Grand Hyatt Bali in Nusa Dua on Friday, Nov.10.

The event also features a fashion gala featuring works of batik designer Carmanita and music by the multi-cultural ensemble, Planet Bamboo.

Carmanita is well-known for her intricate and innovative batik collections. Her latest creations are made of lycra batik.

The Planet Bambo is a music ensemble which explores various ethnic music.

Committed to the development of other schools, Dyatmika donates a percentage of all gala proceeds to SD 12, our closest neighborhood school.

Tickets are available at Dyatmika School, phone number: 0361- 461874 -- Ibu Hanny.