Sat, 01 Apr 2000

Dutch defense

Finally our Chichi shows some of his true face! Anyone who disagrees with his point of view is countered with prejudice and compared to neo-Nazis. Very likely his next "victims" will be Richard Ward for his lovely wink in The Jakarta Post of March 30, 2000. Just read Chichi's letter Evil colonialism of the same date; all the characteristics he ascribes to the Dutch and me in his article are blatant and false prejudices! I will not bore the readers of the Post to death by refuting each and every one of them, just let me assure you they are all false.

Chichi conveniently forgets the two books by Indonesian writers he mentions are post-World War II. Also, he does not mention Multatuli's Max Havelaar and many more pre-World War II publications by Dutch writers. Max Havelaar is a complaint against colonial and local potentates alike, and can be considered a major milestone in the change of perceptions of Dutch colonialism. Chichi clearly refuses to see there were -- and still are -- many Dutch who do not deny their colonial past and are not proud of the colonial wrongdoings.

Chichi clearly dug a hole for himself with his prejudice. I do not refute the role the Dutch played in their colonies, I am not proud of our colonial atrocities and I do not hold a colonialist vision. I also do not dislike Chichi's historical knowledge; I dislike his lack of objectivity and his overzealous "blamestorms". It seems Chichi is so busy looking at the color of my skin (to refer to a neo-Nazi treat) that he is unaware neocolonialism and neoimperialism have reached Indonesia already and depend on the color of money.

There is a little consolation for Chichi though. Yes, I do hold Dutch Nazis responsible for what happened during the occupation of my country, but together with the German Nazis. In the years after the war, we have tried and sentenced many Dutch and German Nazis alike! I am also thankful they never completely occupied Europe or the world, just as I am thankful the Indonesians freed themselves from Dutch occupation.


Bogor, West Java