Sat, 14 Feb 2004

Duping the thieves

From Warta Kota

With bank customers still facing robbery everyday, I would like to suggest the following measures to reduce the risks.

While hiring police guards, you should also prepare two bags of the same shape and color before going to the bank. The first is empty and reserved for the money to be collected and the second is filled with banknote-like paper sheets.

In order to monitor the second bag, you can fix a battery- operated cordless door bell alarm with remote control, which costs around Rp125,000 and has a control range within a radius of 50 meters.

After putting the money into the first bag and keeping it in a hidden place, such as under the car seat, leave the second bag in a conspicuous position or hold it on your lap. In the case of a hold-up, try to resist but give it up promptly if you are threatened.

As the robber gets away and reaches some distance, push the remote control button you are carrying. The alarm will ring fairly loudly and you can repeat it many times to cause panic to the robber and draw local people's attention.