Tue, 19 Dec 2000

Drug test for drivers, passengers

BANDUNG: An official with insurance firm PT Jasa Rahardja said here on Monday that the company would deploy a mobile team along the northern Java coastal roads and at several West Java bus terminals to conduct drug and alcohol tests on drivers from Dec. 18 until Jan. 8, 2000.

The company's spokesperson Nina Fatimah said the decision to send the mobile team, which will conduct urine and saliva tests, was to curb the accident rate ahead of the upcoming Christmas and Idul Fitri holidays.

"The test will be free of charge, including free distribution of vitamins," Nina said.

The drug and alcohol test will be held from Dec. 22 until Dec. 31 at West Java's main bus terminals, namely in Leuwipanjang and Cicaheum in Bandung, Baranangsiang in Bogor, Hardjamukti in Cirebon and Banjar in Ciamis.

She said the police would ban drivers, proven to have been using drugs or consuming alcohol from operating.

Last year's test involved 1,019 passengers and 245 drivers a week prior to Idul Fitri. The results were negative. However, official data recorded accidents involving 85 fatalities and 522 persons injured in the province before and after Idul Fitri. (25/lup)