Thu, 29 May 2003

DPD to have less power than DPR

JAKARTA: The Regional Representatives Council (DPD) will be prevented from disrupting the decision making process in the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), a legislator says.

Yahya Zaini said his Golkar faction would suggest that the bill on the composition of legislative bodies now being deliberated should not give the DPD power that matched that of the House of Representatives regarding the decision making process in the MPR.

Article 13 (3) of the bill states that the Assembly session is valid if it is attended by at least three-quarters of MPR members in deliberating key issues like impeachment of the president.

The article does not specifically mention whether the quorum requires the presence of both DPR and DPD members.

DPR has 550 members and DPD 150 members. The two legislative bodies form the MPR, which will convene at least once a year.

The article means an MPR session can proceed if it is sponsored solely by the House, regardless of the absence of DPD members. -- JP