Tue, 14 Nov 2000

Dot-com group plans 1,000 Net kiosks

JAKARTA (JP): PT Pointers Indonesia, a subsidiary of publicly listed PT Myohdotcom Indonesia, said on Monday that it plans to build 1,000 Internet kiosks throughout Indonesia next year.

Myohdotcom chief commissioner Jaegopal Hutapea told reporters the company hoped to have one Internet kiosk, or what it calls pointers, short for pojok internet (internet corners), in every subdistrict in the archipelago.

PT Pointers will award franchises to small enterprises to open the kiosks with its name, he said.

The company would provide hardware and software support as well as funding, either in the form of bank loans or a capital venture, he said.

Pointers already have 14 kiosks in Bandung and Jakarta, Jaegopal said during the soft launching of Myohdotcom's Business Information Technology Solution Center at the Menara Imperium Building.

The new center, the company said, offers various business solutions under one roof, providing systems support, software and hardware to companies in industries like the hotel, hospital, real estate, retail, restaurant and manufacturing industries among others.

Myohdotcom is one of the first Indonesian-based companies that have tapped the local stock market for capital. The company was listed on the Surabaya Stock Exchange in July, rising Rp 500 billion ($55 million) by the sale of 9.92 percent of its shares to the public.

The company hopes to be listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange next year. (03)