Thu, 12 Feb 2004

Dossiers on BNI suspects completed

JAKARTA: The National Police submitted to the Jakarta Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday two files of dossiers on nine suspects in the Rp 1.7 trillion (US$200 billion) BNI scam, after more than five months of investigation.

The dossier on former BNI Kebayoran Baru branch operational manager Nirwan Ali was revised after prosecutors deemed it incomplete early last month.

The other file comprises dossiers on eight suspects linked to PT Gramarindo, National Police deputy spokesperson Brig. Gen. Soenarko D.A. told a media conference.

The eight were Jeffry Baso, Aprilia Widarta, Yudi Baso, Ollah Abdullah Agam, Adrian Lumowa, Richard Kontul, Titik Tristiwanti and Jane Iriani Lumowa.

In addition to two dossiers on former BNI Kebayoran Baru branch manager Kusadiyuwono and former Kebayoran Baru branch foreign customer head Edi Santoso, state prosecutors have so far received dossiers on 11 BNI suspects.

Prosecutors will have two weeks to study the dossiers before declaring the suspects ready for trial.

Police have named 16 suspects involved in the scam, one of whom, Maria Pauline Lumowa, remains at large. -- JP