Tue, 14 Nov 2000

Don't be sarcastic!

I am responding to Mr. Mark Riddett's letter to The Jakarta Post of Nov. 10 edition, titled Income tax for expatriates.

The issue to impose 35 percent income tax to expatriates to me is ridiculous. Not because I'm married to an expatriate, but I just don't trust the Indonesian government will spend it. I doubt it will go to the welfare of the people in this case. I agree with Mr. Riddett.

But I was shocked with the way Mr. Riddett expressed his protest. He shouldn't have attacked someone's physical disability, no matter the latter was a president or an ordinary person. As a westerner, Mr. Riddett, I think you should have known better. Besides, it was wrong to address this case just to Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid. As a president, he does not deal with this (unpopular) issue by himself. This issue has to go to the House of Representatives first and becomes a public debate.

As the one who will suffer a financial loss, it is okay to oppose it. But it has nothing to do with Mr. Wahid's poor vision. Please don't be sarcastic!

I have no comment about your objection of the US$50 entry visa for tourists visiting Indonesia but just for your information, Mr. Riddett, I have to pay more than $50 every time I visit my husband's country in West Europe.