Sun, 06 Jul 2003

Do you choose to use a condom?

Aditya, 29, single: To be honest, I don't like wearing condoms because I find it's uncomfortable. However, my current girlfriend is very aware of health and pregnancy issues, so she insists that I wear a condom whenever we have sex.

Before I went out with her, I rarely used them, though, and my previous girlfriends did not mind. None of them got pregnant, anyway.

Have I ever worried about getting a disease? Sometimes I think about it, and I realize that what I did before was quite risky. But I just used my intuition. I believe that my previous girlfriends were clean, they were not fooling around or promiscuous.

And I think circumcision is good to ensure our genitals are clean. But that doesn't guarantee that we're going to be immune from any disease. It won't make us less at risk.

Sulung, 28, married: Now, that I'm married, I never used condoms anymore. But when I was single, I used them most of the time. I didn't wear them, though, when I didn't have time to buy them.

Many men don't want to use condoms because they find it uncomfortable. Well, it is true that having sex is more enjoyable without a condom, but, considering the benefits, comfort comes second.

I used condoms to prevent pregnancy, I wasn't worried that I would catch diseases, because I didn't have sex with just any girl, only with my girlfriends. And I'm sure that they were loyal, clean and not promiscuous. I trust my wife, too, so I don't wear condoms anymore.

John, 31, single: For the past five years, I've always worn condoms. It's because I often change partners, so I'm afraid I will catch some diseases.

Whenever I'm in a serious relationship, I always tell my boyfriends to be honest about their sexual history. I tell them that it's not because I'm jealous or anything, but for the sake of our health. Before starting a new relationship, I also ask my boyfriend to take some health tests.

Actually, it is often unnecessary for my partner and I to wear condoms, but I choose to wear them. I'm totally afraid I will get some disease, especially HIV/AIDS.

-- Hera Diani