Mon, 18 Sep 2000

Do not insult our intelligence

An intention by 90 members of the People's Consultative Assembly to conduct an overseas trip to familiarize the results of the Annual Session has left me speechless.

First, familiarizing the session results? God, please help me! What for? Those of us here in Indonesia do not even know what the results of the session were. OK, let's pretend it is so important, don't they think it will be more appropriate to familiarize it domestically since we will be affected more (by the result) compared to those who live abroad? If a priority list ever crossed their mind, this trip would be all the way down at the bottom of Indonesia's priority list.

Second, the number of people who will be going. I mean 90 people? God, help me twice. What are these people trying to do? Are they planning to march in downtown Manhattan and shout out the results?

Third, the cost. The trip is estimated to cost Rp 10 billion and, apparently, it will use the remaining funds of the Annual Session's budget. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what other activities are more beneficial (and make more sense) for Indonesia, particularly at this point of time, with such a huge amount as this. They look like a bunch of freeloaders trying to take advantage of the whole situation.

Fourth, the entire idea of 90 people conducting the trip is so senseless. I am so desperate to find the reason why they are even considering it in the first place.