Tue, 11 Apr 2000

District court judges to be moved

JAKARTA (JP): The government announced on Monday plans to move the chiefs of all five district courts in Jakarta along with almost 70 percent of the judges to other areas to mark the start of a campaign to establish a clean and just court system.

"The intention is to fulfill the public's demand to reform the court system. The campaign starts in Jakarta, with an aim to replace the current judges with the best recruits from remote areas," Minister of Law and Legislation Yusril Ihza Mahendra said.

Yusril said he would consult the Supreme Court, the institution that supervises judges, on the plan.

Jakarta is considered the most lucrative area for parties involved in the judicial system. It is thought that most judges will resist the move to be posted to other areas because it will affect their incomes.

Yusril said that further discussion with the Supreme Court had been scheduled for next Tuesday.

"We are also going to discuss the presence of "ad hoc" judges in the commercial court," Yusril added. Indonesia has five types of courts: civil court, military court, state administrative court, religious court and commercial court.

"We have yet to make certain regulations for the commercial court. We are trying to officially inaugurate the judges for the commercial court on April 15," Yusril said. The judges will be inaugurated by the Supreme Court.

The commercial court was formed in early 1998 after many businesses fell victim to the economic crisis. In the same year, the government proposed 22 people to be judges in the newly formed court.

In February 2000, the Supreme Court suggested four people as ad hoc judges in the court, but they have yet to be inaugurated. The four candidates are Rudy Prasetyo, Sunaryati Hartono, Setiawan and Heriana. (dja)