Mon, 05 May 2003

Discussions to promote new bill held

JAKARTA: The Center for Indonesian Policy and Legal Studies (PHSK) and the Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations are holding a series of discussions to raise awareness of the bill on the composition of legislative bodies.

The executive director of PHSK, Bivitri Susanti, said the discussions were aimed at rallying support for a bill that would enable the nation to elect accountable representatives in a transparent process.

The two organizations have proposed an alternative draft bill they say is an improvement on the government-sponsored draft, which is currently being deliberated by the House of Representatives.

In their draft, the two organizations propose transparent consultations between the House and the Regional Legislative Council, which form the People's Consultative Assembly. They also demand public control over lawmakers, which would allow for the dismissal of a legislator following a vote of no-confidence by his or her constituents.

The first discussion was held in Surabaya last Wednesday and the second is scheduled for South Kalimantan capital of Banjarmasin this Wednesday. The third is to be held in Gorontalo on May 21, the fourth in Jakarta on May 28, the fifth in the South Sulawesi capital of Makassar on June 4, the sixth in Riau on June 11 and the seventh in Bandung on June 18. -- JP