Tue, 19 Dec 2000

Discriminative attitude

The Jakarta Post of Dec. 15, stated President Abdurrahman Wahid's or Gus Dur's refused to meet with Sjahril Sabirin until his legal case has been resolved.

I couldn't help wondering, and I believe many others also wonder, about Gus Dur meet with Tommy Soeharto twice before the latter fled. The meetings did not take place at Merdeka Palace. On both occasions, it was Gus Dur's own free will (though initiated by Tommy) to meet with the defendant at two different hotels. I do not recall whether the two meetings were held before or after the legal proceedings against Tommy had been finalized.

In these two cases, Tommy has been perceived to be more important to Gus Dur than Sjahril Sabirin. Or were there any secret discussions not exposed to public, as speculated? Talks that made it possible for Tommy to flee and not be captured. Only Gus Dur can reveal the truth.