Wed, 29 Nov 2000

Disappointed by Tunas Toyota

Recently I purchased a brand new Kijang by cash from Tunas Toyota, Mampang, South Jakarta. Not only did I receive it three weeks late but just I as left the showroom's parking lot, a threatening and irritating din came from the beneath the car. I had it inspected. Tunas insisted the problem was the footstep.

The din would still erupt within a matter of hours after each inspection. Naturally Tunas chose to "handle" the problem in a cheap way - dabbing oil across the T-rod to lessen the noise - without considering safety hazard. So I went to Tunas Bintaro, and other car repair shops, yet all claimed the problem was the T-rod, and if it is so, my life and the lives of others would be endangered when riding in the vehicle because the T-rod is such a crucial part of the car.

I demanded a new unit from branch managers, Mr. David and Mr. Freddy, and all they could say was that the warranty would cover the damages, yet all it covered were tune-ups and services, not a single word on replacing major parts. When I called Tunas Bintaro to reaffirm their findings on the state of the car, they quickly changed their earlier statement to coincide with Tunas Mampang's claim. No doubt that "mafia" collaboration to swindle the consumer still exists.

After paying millions of rupiah for a new car that endangers pedestrians and myself, all they said was, "The warranty will cover it". As a consumer this statement greatly insulted my intelligence.

Are the Indonesian people still dim as to not be aware of their consumer rights such that international companies like Astra can do business as they please? We are not buying peanuts, this is a US$20,000 car that has the safety quality of a 3-legged mule with a mountain of timber on its back.

The car is parked at home where it cannot jeopardize others, while my lawyers take this matter to court. Demanding incomparable compensation is not the case but simply my money's worth.