Thu, 05 Oct 2000

Disappointed by Kabelvision

Around the middle of September 2000 we received a call from Kabelvision offering us their services. We declined and informed them that we were already subscribing to Indovision. However, they kept calling trying to convince us to install Kabelvision in our residence. We were approached by Ms. Erika, Ms. Laila and a Mr. Budi Permana. The latter was very insistent and offered to install the cables for us within three days, so we called back at the number they gave us (390-2567, 390-2630 and 390-2414) and agreed to have Kabelvision installed. They took our credit card details and confirmed with us that they would install the cables on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Having a positive confirmation that they would install the cables at our residence in Gading Kirana, we sold off our Indovision satellite dish on Friday, Sept. 22. On Saturday the Kabelvision staff visited us and informed us that they had no order to install cables. They said they had only come to survey and to inform us that Kabelvision services were not yet available in our area. On Monday and Tuesday we tried to contact Kabelvision at the above numbers but no one answered the phone.

On Wednesday, we contacted Kabelvision at 557-77474 and spoke to Ms. Desy, to whom we explained everything that had happened. She informed us the above numbers were for an agent that Kabelvision has appointed to do its marketing. After looking into the matter she confirmed that they could give us a connection at our address. Mr. Rudy followed up on the matter, assisted by Mr. Michael, who once again confirmed that they could give us a connection and that they would install the service on Friday, Sept. 29.

On Friday, their staff visited us only to inform us that there was no line for our area and they had no idea as to how Kabelvision had offered us their services. Again disappointed, I spoke to Mr. Rudy on Saturday, who didn't seem to be too concerned about the matter. On the same day I called Kabelvision back and requested to speak to the main person in charge of customer service. I was told that the person wasn't in and the supervisor would call me back. However, that has not happened.

I have called Kabelvision too many times and explained this matter to too many people. They now seem very uninterested in following up my complaints.

I am very disappointed at how Kabelvision has handled this matter, especially now as we have nothing to watch because of the fact that we sold our Indovision dish because of Kabelvision. My question is why did they keep calling us literally every day insisting that we subscribe to their services when they have no services to offer?