Thu, 26 Oct 2000

Deniek to display 'Orang Biasa'

JAKARTA (JP): Deniek G. Sunarya, one of the country's prominent commercial photographers, will exhibit 120 of his works which feature the common people and their daily life in a month- long exhibition beginning next month at Cahya photo gallery in Kemang, South Jakarta.

The solo exhibition, titled Orang Biasa (Ordinary People), is scheduled to be opened on Wednesday evening.

The images are a compilation of his works since the start of his career in early 1970's to the present.

Various social groups, mostly the lower economic class living on the streets, coastal areas, hilly places, and slum areas, will be the focus of the photographs in the exhibition.

A senior photographer from Antara news agency, Oscar Motuloh, said that Deniek was continuously endeavoring to follow a visual pathway as a means of approach.

"If it is said to be nostalgia, then Deniek welcomes that obsession with the past like a warm embrace," Oscar said. (jaw)