Sun, 20 Feb 2000

Demand to manage sports complex deemed improper

JAKARTA (JP): The two-day National Sports Council (KONI) plenary meeting which recommended the Gelora Senayan Management Board (BPGS) be put under the Senayan sports complex, which would effectively give KONI control of it, has been declared improper.

The Gelora Senayan Executive Directors (DPGS) operational deputy, Mohammad Sarengat, explained on Friday that KONI chairman, Wismoyo Arismunandar, was a vice chairman of BPGS and therefore had the power to control the management of the sports complex.

"Presidential Decree No.IV/1984 says that the state secretary is chairman of BPGS and is assisted by deputies comprising the state minister of youth affairs and sports and KONI chairman."

"Since they are members of BPGS and are answerable to the President, maybe the decree can be amended to allow each member of BPGS to chair the board."

Sarengat criticized KONI for not giving the right information to officials from its provincial chapters and sports organizations, who attended the meeting last week.

"As a member of BPGS, KONI must tell its officials about the organizational structure of the board," he said.

KONI, which is at the cutting edge in raising funds for sports development, is not the only BPGS member which wants to manage the sports complex.

Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso has repeatedly called for a single authority to manage all government-supervised properties in the capital to increase city revenue.

He was referring to the new Law No. 22/1999 on regional autonomy and Law No. 25/1999 on intergovernmental fiscal balance. The laws, which were passed by the House of Representatives last year, define a greater role and authority for provincial administrations.

State Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Mahadi Sinambela has rejected Sutiyoso's proposal, saying that the 279-hectare complex was state property and therefore should be managed by the government.

The Gelora Senayan complex also houses ministry buildings, the People's Consultative Assembly/House of Representatives building and state-run TVRI television station.

Sarengat said KONI was wrong if it considered the Senayan sports complex a gold mine from which to gain revenue.

"The revenue from sports venues here is used to finance DPGS's routine budget including paying water, electricity and telephone bills and also for maintenance," he said, adding that DPGS spends nearly Rp 10 billion per annum on maintenance.

Sarengat said companies leasing land in the complex -- PT Indobuildco, PT Mulia, PT Graha Sidang Pratama, PT Gelora Waskita Karya, PT Manggala Pratama, PT Kajima Overseas Asia, PT Sinar Kemala Intermetro Golf, PT Adil Andaru, PT Lingga Hamparan Krida, PT Rajuli Adi Senayan and PT Wantas Perkasa Waya -- dealt directly with BPGS instead of DPGS.

"BPGS plans to use the saved income from leasing to build another indoor sports hall and to help sports development by donating money to KONI," he said.

"DPGS is only responsible for managing the sports venues and maintaining them."

Sarengat said if KONI wanted to take over the complex management, the council would still need DPGS to take care of routine activities.

"KONI was established to develop sports in the country and not to manage sports venues. If KONI wants to put its people in DPGS, they must have managerial skills, professionalism and sportsmanship." (yan)