Sun, 25 May 2003

Demand growing for Maserati Cambriocorsa

There are only four Maserati Coupe Cambriocorsas for sale in Indonesia, and three of them have already been purchased and a potential customer is in negotiations for the fourth. The amazing thing about this is that each car carries a price tag of "not more than Rp 4 billion" (US$471,143).

Well, there is a market for everything, including incredibly expensive cars. That is the reason why PT Citra Langgeng Otomotif officially launched the Maserati Coupe Cambriocorsa at Plaza Indonesia in Central Jakarta on Wednesday, the very same day students rallied at the House of Representatives to commemorate their struggle to topple former president Soeharto five years ago.

The company has already had to order two more cars from its headquarters in Italy to meet local market demand.

The car's design, developed by Italdesign-Giugiaro, is highly personal, through its Officine Alfieri Maserati personalization program. A total of 16 body paints, 10 shades of leather upholstery and five carpet tints are available for customers.

With a 4,244cc 90-degree V-8 aspirated engine, the Cambriocorsa, meaning racing change, has a maximum power of 390 horsepower at 7,000 rotation per minute (rpm) and a peak torque of 451 Newton meter at 4,500 rpm.

In short, this car is about power, speed and flexibility.

With top speeds of 285 kilometers per hour, the Cambriocorsa can accelerate to 100 kph from a full stop in only 4.9 seconds!

The gearbox is positioned at the rear of the car in a single unit with the differential, while the engine is at the front of the vehicle. This layout, known as transaxle, offers an optimum weight distribution between the two axles for the best performance in all conditions.

With such a stunning engine performance, safety is the most important issue. Maserati equips its cars with all the components needed to help control steering, car behavior, braking and suspension.

In this way, the car achieves the perfect balance between comfort and sport, while allowing the driver to intervene and choose a different set-up.

The advanced Brembo Braking system -- with four ventilated bored discs -- guarantees safety even if the car must stop suddenly and immediately. It matches to the Bosch 5.3 four- channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), and the MSR (Multi-Surface Reflector) system, which control engine torque to prevent rear wheel lock when changing down a gear.

-- Primastuti Handayani