Mon, 08 Aug 1994

Delightful humor

Apropos the article in The Jakarta Post dated July 27, 1994, on the jokes of Mr. Estrada, Philippine Vice President, I should say they are quite imaginative and amusing. His sense of humor sparkles when he says that he would stop speaking English and would just speak in the binocular.

A humorist not only makes himself feel good but makes others feel better too. For the benefit of the readers, here are some more of this type of jokes, which I have come across.

* A politician from the East returned home after his visit to England. Pressmen surrounded him and asked him what it was that he had been impressed with most about the English people. "They are a very gifted race," said the politician, "even a two-year old child can speak English!"

* A man walks into a bookstore and asks the saleswoman about a title he can't remember. "It deals with the domination of men over women," he tells her. "Go, look on the fiction shelf," the saleswoman responds!

* In attempting to announce that his wife and a visiting friend would play a violin duet, the speaker's introduction came out this way: "My friend will now come to the stage and fiddle with my wife!"

* The woman in charge of a Church magazine made her appeal to the congregation thus: "Please, brothers and sisters, start your subscription this month, so that we can all expire together."

* A minister was asked to speak at a college function. "What would you like me to speak about?" he asked the principal. "About five minutes," came the reply.

* A person asks his sick friend: "Why are you hesitating to drink this medicine?" "No problem," says the friend "the label says date of expiry and that's why, I'm afraid!"