Mon, 26 Jun 2000

Debt collectors haunt store

JAKARTA (JP): An employee of a store selling water pumps filed a complaint to the police on Saturday of intimidation by debt collectors, fearing that they might return on Monday.

Fiebe Parengkuan, a secretary at Injaya Dunia Pompa store in Senen Atrium, said six men, led by Rahman Marabessy, came on Monday demanding repayment of some Rp 138 million the store owner owed their client, Marshal Pratama.

Failing to get any money, the men seized a big Kawasaki motorbike belonging to a customer, worth Rp 55 million, which was parked outside, police said.

The store owner, Soelaiman Effendi, died two months ago.

Central Jakarta Police detective chief Capt. Hendra Suhartiyono said Fiebe took her time to file the complaint because none of the store employees understood anything about the debt and were too frightened.

The police will further investigate the case and provide protection for employees at the store. (06)