Tue, 23 Aug 1994

Darul Arqam

From Sinar

I would like to comment on the opinion of KH Hasan Basri (head of the Indonesian Ulema Council) as reported in several newspapers recently. The impression is that KH Hasan Basri has unilaterally punished Darul Arqam. How can the ulema give a fair judgment on Darul Arqam if it refuses to hold a dialog with its members? Actually, their mistake should be proven first in a fair manner. If they are proven to be erroneous, corrections could be made.

Personally I am not interested in Darul Arqam's movement, let alone interested in being a member of their group. But in the era of democracy it is not proper to forbid people to worship God according to their belief. Moreover there is no indication that Darul Arqam has caused disturbances. I meet with Darul Arqam's followers in campuses. The are good people. So why should we consider them a threat?


Depok, West Java