Tue, 09 May 2000

Danny Juswanto beats GM Dibyendu Barua

JAKARTA (JP): International Master (IM) Danny Juswanto of Jakarta crushed India's number two chess player, Grand Master (GM) Dibyendu Barua in 46 moves using Philidor defense in the sixth round of JAPFA International Open championships 2000 in the Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur, Bali, on Monday.

Danny, whose elo rating is 2483, received continued attacks from Barua (2555) after the Indian sacrificed two pawns in the 9th and 10th moves, spokesman of the Indonesian Chess Association (Percasi) Kristianus Liem said in a press release on Monday.

But Danny neutralized Barua's attack after he moved his bishop to e6 in the 11th move.

However, Barua committed an error in the 35th move when his rook in line-b, instead of that in line-a, captured Danny's pawn in b7 and cost him his knight in the 44th move. Barua gave up after the next two moves.

With this result, Danny moves up with 5.5 Match Points (MP), along with National Master (NM) Cecep Kosasih of West Java and GM Darmen Sadvakasov (Kazakhstan, 2471), the 1998 FIDE junior champion.

Cecep surprisingly overcame GM Darryl Johansen (Australia, 2494) in the 27th move with English opening and Sadvakasov outshone former Asian top chess player GM Eugene Torre (the Philippines, 2557) in the 41st move with Sicilia defense.

Kristianus said that Danny and Cecep had a chance to earn GM norm in the US$20,000 open tournament.

Nine chess players trailed in the second position with 5 MP. GM Ian Rogers (Australia, 2562) tied with IM Cerdas Barus (Jakarta, 2445) in the 39th move using English opening; GM Normund Miezis (Latvia, 2486) beat FIDE Master (FM) Hamdani Rudin (West Java, 2385) in 62 moves with Sicilia defense; GM Alex Wojkiewicz (Poland, 2563) beat Rolando Nolte (the Philippines, 2365); GM Ardiansyah (Jakarta, 2396) beat NM Ruby Tamono (West Sumatra); IM Krishnan Sasikiran (India, 2514) beat NM Yoseph Majella (Jakarta, 2325); FM Awam Wahono (West Java, 2405) beat FM Timothy Reilly (Australia, 2192); IM Rico Mascarinas (the Philippines, 2415) beat NM Yansen Lokananta (East Java); IM Dede Liu (Jakarta, 2370) beat NM Yusdi Mursalin (South Kalimantan). (ivy)