Sat, 12 Jun 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Chairman of the Jakarta Branch of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Edy Kuntadi, said that some customs regulations obstruct free trade implementation.

For example, import products letter of origins must be submitted at a maximum of three days after shipping.

“This surpasses the time limit for products that are supposed to be free of import duty get charged,” he said yesterday.

Other regulations complained about are the one requiring entrepreneur that rectifies the memorandum of import documents to be heavily sanctioned, up to 1000 percent.

“If the importer was not found, the Customs Arrangement Service Companies (PPJK) must bear it,” said Eddy

The General Manager of Sarana Lintas Caraka - one of the PPJK--Mamik Leksono, revealed that there are numerous importers that failed to use free trade facilities.

“From 20 import documents handled, five of them failed,” said Mamik. This is unfortunate for the importers because import products price will be higher.

The Customs Information Director, Susiwijono, said he comsidered that submitting the note of origin more than three days after is still permissible.

“As long as they have obtained the original stamp from the letter of origin publisher,” he said.

According to him, the government has socialized the rules several times.