Mon, 18 Sep 2000

Curbing school violence

As I am led to believe, violence between schools in Indonesia has been an ongoing enigma for a long time. The children disperse on public streets, without due regard to the public and hurl stones towards their rivals or parade around with sticks and swords, ready to strike their victims. These disputes among the schools could have a hundred and one reasons why they can end up a catastrophe. And obviously a quick resolution to this dilemma will not eventuate. But these fights are extremely detrimental to the people in the community, and I really think that harsh measures need to be taken to put some control and order back into the school system.

The families that have lost loved ones and close friends and associates would be very smart if they were to organize a company (obviously supported by the government) that can control and regulate situations like these.

Probably the instigators should not just be reprimanded, but treated like criminal suspects. Let us be fair in saying that most of the leaders of these groups are already teenagers who are capable of making choices and decisions. We should not be deluded by believing they are very young, whereas in reality many of the youths are street wise, idealistic and aware.

I believe a law created by the justice ministry, or whoever makes new rules and amendments, quickly implement some strict regulations specially directed at schools. If the government was to allocate a small amount of its time to this issue and reinforce some control for the schools, less time would be spent solving previous misadventures of children's deaths and the effect it has on the community. Not only that, but perhaps the ones in question would be less inclined to start a confrontation among the schools.

This seems to be a critical issue which needs your support as a reader. There are many political figures out there who could start doing something, instead of just talking. As the saying goes "Action speaks louder than words". However, for me...I am only small fry, therefore I only have the power to speak.