Sun, 03 Sep 2000

Crisis hides treasures in North Sulawesi

MANADO, North Sulawesi (JP): Indonesia's economic crisis has not only unveiled the country's numerous maladies but also concealed many of its magnificent tourist resorts. Among them are those in North Sulawesi province.

The province, the northernmost part of the island of Sulawesi which is close to the Philippines, boasts a number of must-see tourist resorts. Already it is home to one of the best known diving centers in the world. But it offers much more.

1. Bunaken marine park, one of the best sea gardens in the world and a diver's paradise. It is located off the coastal city of Manado, the capital of the province.

2. Tangkoko Batuangus natural reserve, about 65 kilometers to the northeast of Manado. The reserve houses, among others, the Sulawesi tarsiers, the world's smallest primate, and the tailless monkey (macaca tonceana).

3. Tinoor, a highland spot at the feet of Mount Klabat, about 500 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy a bird's eye view of Manado and its surroundings.

4. Tomohon, called the city of flowers, is nestled in a hill between two active volcanoes and has a mild climate.

5. Tondano, a hilly area near Tomohon. Enjoy hot water springs and the scenic Tondano Lake.

6. Lembeh-Tangkoko, near Bitung port. Take a look at fish, sea horses and shrimps in miniature. They can only be photographed using special cameras. 7. Lake Mooat, near Kotamobagu about 200 kilometers southwest of Manado. Take in the cool fresh air in this highland and enjoy beautiful scenery.