Mon, 02 Jun 2003

Council supports Candra Naya

JAKARTA: The City Council urged Governor Sutiyoso on Thursday to reject a proposal to demolish the Candra Naya building, stressing that it was the city administration's responsibility to protect the city's cultural heritage.

"Such a building is protected by law, therefore if the city administration allows its demolition we will take legal action," said Audi Tambunan, a member of the council's Commission E for public welfare.

Candra Naya is thought to be the oldest surviving example of Chinese architecture in the country. The owner of the property wants to demolish the building and develop the property. A replica of the Candra Naya would be built at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in East Jakarta.

Opponents to the plan include those working to save the city's heritage, the city culture and museum agency and the Office of the State Minister for Culture and Tourism.

Sutiyoso has yet to announce his stance on the issue, saying he will consult with officials in the city administration before making any decision.--JP